A special Operation Blessing project and gift of a bicycle change the life of a little girl in Peru

A bicycle for Brigith


PUNO, Peru – The youngest of five children, 12-year-old Brigith lives with her father in the highlands of Peru. She attends the San Juan of Machacmarca High School about an hour’s walk from her home—the closest school available to her.

But Brigith’s school was in such terrible condition, with classrooms threatening to collapse and only a handful beat up desks and chairs for all of the students, that her father was considering pulling her from the school and sending her to live with an older sibling in the city because he wanted her to have the best education. His job also kept him from taking Brigith to and from school, leaving her to walk the long distance across the mountainous terrain alone, vulnerable to wild animals along the way.

The school before Operation Blessing's help.

With the school quickly becoming unsafe for the students, Operation Blessing joined forces with the local community to renovate the deteriorating campus. Teams restored crumbling walls, replaced the handful of damaged desks and chairs with new furniture for each classroom, and provided new curriculum, books, toys, games and more for the children.

After the renovations were complete, Brigith’s father was amazed at the transformation and no longer felt the need to send Brigith away to a different school. And when OBI discovered the long journey Brigith made every day on foot to get to school, they provided her with a bicycle so she could easily make the trip back and forth to her home.

The school after Operation Blessing's help.

“Thank you Operation Blessing,” her father said. “I’m very grateful for what you are doing for my daughter. Now she can come back safely from school.”

With her new bike and newly-renovated school, Brigith is excited for the new school year.

“I love my new bicycle. I don’t have to walk to or from school anymore and I will get home earlier,” Brigith said. “Thank you very much Operation Blessing!”

Brigith with her bicycle.

See more photos of the amazing transformation of Brigith’s school!


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