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A Flood of Relief

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

SUDAN — Last year, South Sudan saw an enormous amount of rain. Beginning in June and lasting for months, torrential downpours caused flooding that displaced tens of thousands of residents. The flood victims watched as homes were destroyed, livestock lost, and livelihoods washed away.

Flood Victims Face Food Insecurity

The Mudari people of Terekeka live an agrarian lifestyle, depending on animals and farming for sustenance. Due to the tremendous flooding, most people couldn’t work the land. This has led to extreme food insecurity as men and women have no way to earn a living wage and provide for their families. The flood victims also face an increased chance of disease, due to unsanitary conditions and families living without proper shelter. 

Helen knows this hardship firsthand. A young mother of five children, she’s unsure of her own age. She endured much suffering even before the flood, caring for one disabled child and working hard to provide for her kids. Now, she must weed through bushes and thorns in hopes of finding wild vegetables 

“It is very hard to find food,” Helen says. “I sometimes have to leave my children alone to go find something to eat.”

Donations From Operation Blessing Provide Food To Flood Victims

But thanks to our generous friends like you, Operation Blessing has partnered with International Aid Services (IAS) from Denmark to help these families and flood victims during their great suffering. You have made it possible to provide critical resources for the Mudari people as they endure displacement. Maize, flour and lentils have been distributed in large bags to families, along with much needed blankets and mosquito nets that help protect them from malaria. 

And you continued to bless the most at-risk populations of South Sudan, as Operation Blessing and IAS work with the National Christian Development Organization on a project to serve the elderly, disabled, malnourished children, and nursing mothers. 

flood victims in the sudan

Your Gifts And Prayers Help The Mudari People From The Impact of Floods and Food Insecurity

We are grateful for you and your heart to see the suffering of the Mudari people alleviated in their time of need. Your gifts and prayer support give hope to flood victims who have lost everything.

“God sees the struggling of the women, and God has given support through these organizations,” Helen said. “Thank you and God bless you!”

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