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 Sometimes It Really Does Take a Village - Supporting Abused and Vulnerable Children

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

GUATEMALA – Angie* grew up in a Guatemalan brothel, a place filled with darkness and spite.  A place that, sadly, houses abused and vulnerable children. Children trapped by the desperate situation of their parents.

 She was often locked in a room while her mother worked at the brothel. She could never seem to escape the loneliness, darkness and hunger. If she cried out in pain or distress, she was ignored.   

Then, her mother wanted Angie to “start helping the family.” Angie will never forget the day she began working in her mother’s profession—she was only 9 years old.   

dorm for abused and neglected children in Guatemala

From A Childhood of Abuse To A Mother At Age 12

Three years later, Angie gave birth to a baby girl. Despite the tremendous struggle of raising a child while still a child herself, Angie promised to do better by her daughter.   

That’s where the love of friends like you stepped in. Angie and her daughter were rescued from the darkness of negligence and abuse, finding refuge at the Operation Blessing partner, Village of Hope. With the help of Operation Blessing supporters, Angie is now on her way to a life of stability, delivered from the torment of being one of the many abused and vulnerable children trapped in horrific circumstances. She’s receiving an education and can be sure that she and her daughter are safe and provided for—medically, nutritionally, emotionally, and spiritually. Angie is also surrounded by other children who have experienced the unimaginable, but now have each other to lean on.

Thank you for your heart to see so many young women and girls like Angie cared for in the direst of circumstances. Friends like you make up the village that raises these children with the positive and supportive family they need, where they can be raised to know the love of Christ.

*Name Changed  

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