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You Offer Hope to Expectant Mothers in Kenya

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

KENYA – For residents of this sub-Saharan African nation, access to health care in Kenya is often a luxury.   

Mothers here know this all too well. While pouring all of their resources and care into their children, many women still see their children fall victim to illnesses common in the region. For expectant mothers, the opportunity to receive prenatal care would require miles-long journeys. Often families in rural communities can’t afford the trip.   

Jackline is expecting her fourth baby soon. Women like her often live with the constant risk of losing her children to a preventable illness or curable disease. Or even losing their babies during childbirth. It’s the same for 28-year-old Leah, who just delivered her fifth child. Born and raised in Kenya, she’s no stranger to the risk of pregnancy. But thanks to Operation Blessing partners, these precious ladies have had their fears alleviated.  


Access To Healthcare In Kenya For Loitokitok Village

Operation Blessing saw the need for additional healthcare resources in the Loitokitok village of rural Kenya. With the help of generous supporters like you, we offered a Community Health Volunteer (CHV) program to the area.

Rallying care and support from local residents, Operation Blessing’s CHV program is a grassroots effort. Our staff partners with community leaders and the local government. They train volunteers in basic healthcare information and practices. These healthcare volunteers travel all around the community. The CHVs visit residents at their own homes and meet many of the health needs of these families.   


This is why Jackline was able to carry her fourth child with joy. She doesn’t have to fear unknown health risks as she prepares for childbirth. “I have been receiving important lessons from my community health volunteer, and I make sure I follow them to the letter,” Jackline said.  

These lessons included how to eat a balanced diet and to exercise. The volunteer also regularly checks her blood pressure to ensure good health.   

But more than just an advisor, CHVs also serve as advocates, especially to pregnant women. To decrease the risks for mother and baby, community health volunteers strongly encourage mothers to deliver their babies in health facilities with a qualified birth assistant instead of at home.   


Care for Expectant Mothers and New Babies

Leah’s recent successful birth of a healthy baby boy was in large part thanks to the care and support of community health volunteers. Through their kindness, our partners advocated for Leah, providing a CHV to prepare her for childbirth and routinely check on her baby for the first months as a newborn. “Thank you, Operation Blessing,” Leah said, “for making these services available without us having to even break a sweat. God bless you!”  

For Jackline, Leah, and dozens of families throughout Loitokitok, the compassionate love of friends like you goes the distance. Thank you for your heart to see these remote villages provided with quality healthcare every day!  

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