Aid for remote villages in Nepal

Food distribution in remote villages in Nepal.

NEPAL – Once you leave the city of Kathmandu, you can find countless villages with massive destruction like the villages we served yesterday that had not yet received any assistance.

The mud brick construction of these homes was no match for the quake and most residents are now living in temporary shelters with limited access to food, safe water and proper hygiene and sanitation. Most are subsistence farmers who lost their food stores in the rubble. From a distance some villages look fairly intact with buildings still standing, but almost every home I saw had at least one collapsed wall.

Destruction in remote villages in Nepal.

Yesterday, Operation Blessing distributed over two tons of food, including rice, lentils, oil, sugar, salt, milk powder and high energy biscuits for children. Additionally we distributed other much-needed supplies, like blankets, antibacterial soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste and flashlights.

Operation Blessing distributed two tons of food to earthquake victims.

Emergency food distribution in Nepal.

Similar distributions will continue today, and we have trucks on the way from India with plastic tarps and other shelter materials.

Help Nepal.

Help for Nepal earthquake victims.

The OBI team will be pressing farther out over the next few days in response to reports of even greater devastation in more remote villages. There are logistical challenges ahead of us, but we will overcome them and keep delivering aid as fast as we can.

OBI’s David Darg, vice president of international operations, is on the ground in Nepal after the recent 7.8-magnitude earthquake.

Families in need in Nepal.


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