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Stopping Malaria by Casting a Net of Love

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

KENYA – Young wife and mother of four, Chepkogir, lives deep in the wilderness of Kongor in Kenya. Hard to reach, her village lies far from basic amenities like hospitals, paved roads, and public schools. This has created problems for Chepkogir in the past. Her village is prone to malaria outbreaks due to the bushy terrain and warm weather. The village is a glaring testament to the need for anti malaria campaigns in Kenya. One day, tragedy struck her family when her baby fell ill with malaria.  

“That night my child had a really bad fever and got really sick,” Chepkogir explained. “But there was nothing we could do besides wait and pray.” 

In the morning, Chepkogir and her husband gathered all the money they could find. Chepkogir hired a motorcyclist to drive her and her little one over rough terrain far enough to find public transportation. It took her a whole day of journeying just to reach the government hospital.  

Although the child survived, Chepkogir never wants to endure that again. Yet she knows the risk is high in Kongor. 


Compassion Leads To An Anti Malaria Campaign 

However, thanks to compassionate partners like you, she doesn’t have to face this risk without resources. When Operation Blessing heard of the recent malaria outbreak in Chepkogir’s village, your gifts provided critical mosquito nets and mosquito-repellant to curb infections and halt the spread.  

Chepkogir and her neighbors are overjoyed by your kindness! 

“I can’t say thank you enough!” Chepkogir said. “I am smiling because I know my children will sleep under the nets tonight, away from the mosquitos. I pray that God will bless you for coming this far!” 

Thank you for your loving heart to see men, women, and children all over the world receive resources and healthcare supplies. Your support of anti malaria campaigns in Kenya like this one have made a difference in the lives of a grateful village. You show there is no distance your love won’t travel. 

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