War. Poverty. Disease. Whatever the cause, it’s tragic when a child loses one or both parents. Many orphans end up on the streets where they often starve, get sick and suffer intolerable abuse. Through feeding programs, education, health care and more, Operation Blessing’s Bless-A-Child program is reaching out to these precious orphans, street kids and other vulnerable children—giving them the hope of a better future.


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How are you addressing hunger-related issues?

Through Operation Blessing’s feeding programs, children at risk of malnourishment are provided with regular, nutritious meals to keep them healthy and growing. We’re also helping families through community gardens, animal husbandry and other projects that help provide better nutrition.

What types of health care do you provide?

Operation Blessing provides free health care such as general medical, optical, dental and surgical services to impoverished children through medical missions and mobile dental clinics. Teams also provide hygiene training and dispense much needed medicine.

How is education making a difference?

One of the keys to breaking the cycle of poverty is education. Because many children either do not have access to schools or cannot afford to attend, Operation Blessing is supporting the renovation of schools; providing scholarships and school supplies; and even offering adult literacy classes.


 From feeding programs to building projects, Operation Blessing is blessing vulnerable children and orphans by:

  • Building schools

    Supporting every child’s right to an education by funding renovation projects, providing supplies, awarding academic scholarships and even building schools.

  • Partners in health

    Working with Partners in Health to create a safe and nourishing environment for orphans in Haiti through the Zanmi Beni Children’s Home.

  • Improving orphanages

    Working with local orphanages and children’s homes in places like the Democratic Republic of Congo and Liberia to improve the quality of life by providing new kitchens, beds, hygiene supplies, food and more.

  • Microenterprise businesses

    Creating microenterprise businesses and life skills training for parents so children who have given up pursuing their education to help support the family can return to school.

  • Life-changing surgeries

    Funding life-changing surgeries, such as cleft lip repair, clubfoot treatments, hernia surgeries and more, helping restore children’s independence and freeing them from burdens so they can grow strong and healthy.


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