You Gave a New Beginning to Angel

Blessings Magazine – January 2019
Flood victims in Mexico receive a fresh start thanks to Operation Blessing partners.

Also in this issue:

  • Happenings – Catch up with the goings on at Operation Blessing!
  • Out of the Brick Factory – Your support helps a young mom start a new career in sewing.
  • Aiding an Abandoned Child with Clubfoot – Stephano’s father in Tanzania abandoned him, but you sent the help he needed.
  • A Four-Fold Approach to Fighting Poverty – Operation Blessing focuses on four pillars of humanitarian aid to help those in need.
  • A Tsunami of Water but Not a Drop to Drink – You sent clean water to earthquake and tsunami survivors in Indonesia.
  • Relief for Small Feet – OBI partners provide a stroller and medicine for a young girl.

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