Mary and the Community Health Worker hold a solar light.

Brand New Light

Mary and the Community Health Worker hold a solar light.

KENYA – In a small Kenyan village, 82-year-old Mary and the six family members who live with her used to rely on a tin lamp, known in Kenya as a koroboi. The light is fueled by kerosene, emits smoke and needs regular maintenance. In poorly ventilated houses, the lamps, though a source of light, can also be a source of health problems. Those living with the koroboi may inhale the equivalent of up to two packs of cigarettes a day from the fumes coming off the kerosene lamp.

A team of community health workers from Operation Blessing recently distributed solar lights to vulnerable families in Kenya, including Mary’s, as part of OBI’s Bless-A-Child program. The solar light is a safe alternative to dangerous kerosene lamps, as it is powered by clean energy from the sun. The gift also alleviates Mary’s financial burden of constantly caring for and filling the kerosene lamp.

Now, Mary and her family can enjoy their time together without worrying about potentially fatal fires or noxious fumes from the kerosene. She is thankful to Operation Blessing for providing the solar lamp to her and her family and looks forward to safer and brighter days.

Mary holds up the old kerosene and the new solar light.


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