Rehana from Pakistan smiles, thankful she's breaking free of poverty and sickness.

Breaking Free Of Poverty

Rehana from Pakistan smiles, thankful she's breaking free of poverty and sickness.

PAKISTAN – Rehana, her husband Ijaz, and their two children lived with Ijaz’s parents to help make ends meet. But, unhappy with the small income Ijaz earned as a laborer, his parents criticized and argued with him constantly—making the young family’s life more difficult. Rehana longed to add to the family income, breaking them free of poverty. She dreamed of a better life for her children.

As the situation got worse, Rehana’s brother helped set up Rehana, Ijaz, Saira (9), and Abdulla (8) in their own rented home. Their little family still struggled to get by.

They barely managed on Ijaz’s wages. Once they paid for essentials like rent, bills, and the children’s education, there just wasn’t enough left to meet all their needs. Rehana, a diabetic, all too often didn’t have the funds to properly take care of her condition.

Then she heard of an amazing opportunity! Thanks to your generous support, Operation Blessing provides for a career training center for women in her area through the Community Advancement Society (CAS). Through CAS friends like you offer free programs in cosmetology, sewing, and embroidery. You also make possible classes in computer training and adult literacy. The additional classes help students gain the skills they’ll need to run their own businesses.

Rehana learning hair styling skills for breaking out of poverty

Often, young women trying to escape a life bound to the brick yards or trapped as domestic servants sign up for the programs you provide. But Rehana saw it as the perfect way to break her family out of poverty. And she enrolled in the cosmetology course.

Due to her health, Rehana took longer to complete the program. But the instructors encouraged her to complete her course work. During her training, her brother helped her open a small salon next to her home. There, she diligently practiced everything she learned on her clients. She did such a great job, that word spread quickly, and her client list grew.

She said, “I am very grateful to CAS and Operation Blessing for being a strong platform for females to share the burden of their families and find a better place in society.”

Today, Rehana’s family no longer has to rely on her brother. With her new job, the family is making it on their own. And Rehana is able to care for her health! None of this could have happened without you. THANK YOU for transforming Rehana’s life, and breaking her free from sickness and poverty.


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