Darwin is breathing easy now that he got free medical care.

Breathing Easy in Peru

Darwin is breathing easy now that he got free medical care.

PERU — Anastasia began to worry when Darwin had not stopped coughing for nearly a week. With the child just two years old, Darwin’s breathing condition concerned his mother. He wasn’t sleeping well and suffered from a fever. By a few days later, Anastasia grew frantic.

She had much to consider as she weighed her options. Sadly, the closest medical center to her home was in a far distant town. As a mother of five, making this journey with baby Darwin would prove almost impossible. Her husband was away on a work trip for two weeks. And Anastasia didn’t even have the money to make the journey.

Sweet little Darwin from Peru.

In her desperation, Anastasia shared her worry with a neighbor. The neighbor happened to be a community health volunteer currently training in Operation Blessing’s program. She gave Anastasia the happy news that generous partners like YOU have helped provide a health center right nearby in San Jeronimo de Ullagachi to serve the needs of the community.

Locals and neighboring villagers are all welcome to receive care in urgent times. Anastasia’s neighbor assured her that Darwin would be seen right away and treated for his condition.

Darwin receives care for breathing problems.

“I did not know they had all of this here, and it’s even close!” Anastasia said. “She also told me they treat you better, quicker, and kinder.”

When Anastasia arrived at the clinic with Darwin, the staff provided a full check-up of his throat and lungs. Then they diagnosed him with acute bronchitis, a condition common to the area caused by dry, cold weather in the mountains. Finally, the staff prescribed the proper treatment and provided medication.

Happy mother and child in Peru.

Since then, Darwin has been restored to full health. And Anastasia feels restored emotionally, knowing that her children can be cared for promptly in urgent situations. “Since my baby finished that syrup, he sleeps fine and feels much better now. Thanks so much to Operation Blessing and staff in the health center!”

Darwin is now breathing well and Anastasia is breathing a sigh of relief. Thank you for your heartfelt giving that has made a huge difference in his life!


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