Bringing Safe Water to Haiti

At first glance, Jacmel is a place that welcomes tourists with its beautiful beaches and picturesque mountain landscape.

But up close, the people of Jacmel are struggling to stay alive.

After being hit by three back-to-back hurricanes in as many weeks, the city was being drowned by the very river that gives it life.

The main river that runs through the city is where women wash their clothes; people take baths and children play and swim. However, when the storms hit, the river overflowed its banks and spilled into the neighborhood communities, contaminating the few water wells that were in use and making the water unfit for consumption. Operation Blessing is working to bring safe water to Jacmel.


Your support is critical to providing relief for the hungry, water for the thirsty, medical care for the sick, disaster relief for those in crisis, and so much more. Click here to make an online donation today and let your gift make a significant impact in the lives of those who urgently need it.

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