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A New Opportunity for a Brighter Future in Peru

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

PERU – Single mother Piedad works multiple jobs to get by. As the sole caregiver to her four children, there’s almost nothing Piedad wouldn’t do to provide a comfortable life for them. However, she needed a new business opportunity in Peru to achieve that dream, and you sent it to her. 

The responsibility of caring for Charismel (13), Rodney (5), Celine (2), and Anderson (10 months) is a full time job by itself. But Piedad also spent her days taking up various domestic jobs in her neighborhood, cooking, cleaning, and washing clothes. During any additional time, she worked in her mother’s store.

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But when COVID-19 hit Peru in early 2020, Piedad’s world was shaken. Job opportunities that she depended on for income declined quickly. She was in critical need of a new business opportunity in Peru to support her family.

“We were going through rough times,” Piedad explained, “there were times we were struggling with food, sometimes eating once a day, only a cookie in the afternoon and thinking of what we could eat next day. We went through a lot.”

When Piedad’s neighbor approached her and asked if she would like to attend a sewing workshop for more income. Considering their bleak future prospects gave Piedad the motivation she needed to learn the new skill.

“I wanted to learn,” Piedad said. “So, I asked my mother to help me with my children while I went to work in the mornings and attended the workshops in the afternoon.”

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A New Business Opportunity Helps Provide Hunger Relief

When the lockdown lightened in November, Operation Blessing staff in Peru arrived at La Gloria Postrera church. They brought the necessary supplies to start the program and teach mothers like Piedad the skills necessary to operate the machines and make fabric masks to sell. Piedad began attending Operation Blessing’s sewing workshops. It was a decision that would help provide hunger relief to her family.

And she began to thrive. Utilizing her new skills, the fruits of her labor multiplied!

hunger relief in peru

“I learned how to use the machines, which I probably would have never been able to learn myself, because that costs money. And when we are parents, money is not for ourselves,” Piedad said. “Everything is for our children and their food. And for this program to arrive here and teach us free of cost is such a blessing!”

During the workshop, Piedad and other women learned how to make masks—an item in high demand at the time—and sell them. The income she earned helped Piedad buy food for her children and even cover the enrollment costs for her children’s education. She’s also put a significant amount towards owning her own home, and looks forward to achieving her dream of raising her children in a house that belongs to them.

Thanks to you, the sewing workshop has empowered dozens of women to take ownership of these skills and cultivate a new source of income for their families. You are supporting women throughout Peru and all over the world, providing opportunity as these women lead their families through good times and bad.


 “Now we can eat three times a day,” Piedad said. “My children can eat milk for breakfast, a good meal for lunch and the leftovers at night. Thank you for the help!”

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