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The Secret Ingredient – Kindness Helps a Business Thrive

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

HONDURAS – Maria, a devoted single mother of two and businesswoman in Honduras, faced an uphill battle in supporting her family.

Maria pours her heart into her work making and selling tortillas. She’s talented in the kitchen and devoted to great customer service. Her daughter, Angie, helps run the business. But despite Maria’s tenacity, she struggles to make ends meet because her cooking environment leaves much to be desired. A simple, old stove fashioned from blocks sits under a ceiling riddled with holes. When it rains, water leaks onto her kitchen.

“In times of rain, I could not work,” Maria explained. “In the morning, the stove was full of water and it was impossible to light the fire to make tortillas. Therefore, we did not sell, and the money was tight.”

businesswoman in honduras

It hurt Angie to watch her mother fight so often against the weather. Frustration, sadness, and fear plagued their family. “Our situation was difficult,” Angie said.

But when Operation Blessing met Maria, everything changed for this businesswoman in Honduras! Your generosity provided materials for a new roof, a brand-new stove, cooking utensils, and supplies like flour. You also helped Maria and Angie through business administration training! Now they have all the tools needed to thrive at their family business. Your kindness will be multiplied through this microenterprise every time they make tortillas, earning the income they need to care for their family.

honduras businesswoman

“This help has meant a lot,” Maria said. “I thank God first and the honor and glory be to Him. I am very grateful because I know he sent Operation Blessing. My children are happy and grateful to God and to you.”

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