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Blessing Hurricane Laura Survivors

Field Report by Operation Blessing

The COVID-19 outbreak hit America hard. When category 4 Hurricane Laura hit Louisiana, things went from bad to worse. Devastation began to pile up on the residents of Lake Charles. Sheltering-in-place became impossible for those whose home was destroyed and closed down businesses were torn apart in the wake of the storm.

There was no water and no electricity for weeks after category 4 Hurricane Laura tore through their community. Many people were feeling completely hopeless.

But thanks to YOU, Operation Blessing partner Christian World Church in Lake Charles rushed into action for their community. Your gifts and prayer support emboldened Pastor Jerry, his wife Hope, and their congregation to set up a supply distribution for the community. Food, hygiene kits, and even dog food was supplied to families to sustain them through their darkest hour. Thank you! To learn how you can get involved, visit

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