By Women for Women

Every day in developing countries, women are struggling to provide for their families—and many of them carry this burden alone. The key difference between their lives and ours is lack of opportunity. Without basic necessities like safe water, food, medical care, education and livelihoods, it’s difficult for these women to break the cycle of poverty for their families. Yet these women are not defeated. Like all mothers, they are trying as best they can to provide for their children. They just need a helping hand, and the purpose of Chicks2Chicks is to be the blessing that brings them hope for a better future.

Chicks2Chicks is a movement, a community and an opportunity to stand up and fight injustice! Watch our video to catch the vision, and take a moment to sing along with our Maasai sisters in Kenya.

A Little History

Chicks2Chicks was inspired by the women of the Maasai Tribe in Kenya. In their culture, the men raise cattle because, to them, four-legged cattle represent the “breath of life.” The cattle symbolize wealth and prestige for Maasai men. Two-legged chickens, on the other hand, are jeered at and overlooked by men.

For women, though, these birds still symbolize hope and opportunity. Not only are chickens a source of food for their families, they also offer women a source of income that can provide education and better health care for their children. Cattle may represent the breath of life for men; but for these women, chickens offer a path to a brighter future.

Creating Lasting Change in Women’s Lives

Chicks2Chicks is dedicated to making a powerful impact on the lives of women around the world through a variety of programs focused on women’s issues including:

Chicks2Chicks provides the tools and resources to enable hardworking women to run their own small businesses giving them the ability to provide for themselves and their families and invest in the future.
Vocational Training
By equipping women with the training and marketable skills they need to find a stable job and earn a good living, Chicks2Chicks is helping women provide for their families.
Chicks2Chicks supports women’s health through nutrition programs, preventative care, health screenings, medical care and even through efforts to prevent diseases like Zika.
Human Trafficking
Through prevention, intervention and restoration initiatives around the world, Chicks2Chicks is working hard to rescue women and children out of human trafficking and give them a new future.

Get Involved

Women are a powerful force, and when we join together as united sisters, we’re unstoppable! Now it’s time for action. Here are a few ways you can help:

Hen Party Ideas

What’s a hen party? We’re glad you asked! Hen parties are a fun opportunity to get together with your girlfriends (a.k.a. the chicks in your coop) and empower women around the globe at the same time. This is a great way to help spread the Chicks2Chicks movement. These are just a few ideas to get you started.

Pick an amount you’d like to raise, gather your girlfriends, and let’s throw a party!