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Clean Hands For Orphans in Peru

Field Report by Operation Blessing

Iquitos, PERU – The Mi Refugio Orphanage in Iquitos, Peru, is devoted to the children it serves. This Peruvian orphanage works to afford them the best lives they possibly can have. But when COVID-19 hit Peru, these vulnerable children and the staff were suddenly left exposed to the dangerous coronavirus. The Mi Refugio orphanage had no cleaning station for children to regularly wash their hands, an important step in preventing transmission of the virus. In addition, the sanitary supplies they did have were running low.

But thanks to your generosity, a blessing was right around the corner!

Your kindness provided a hand washing station to the orphanage. Children can now clean their hands throughout the day, as they fight the coronavirus and work together to stay safe and sanitary. Thank you for your heart to protect the health of these children and staff as they deal with the health challenges posed by COVID-19!

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