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Help Maria This World Water Day!

Field Report by Operation Blessing

How many steps would it take for you to reach the nearest sink? 10? Maybe 15? Chances are clean water is just a few steps away. But this is a luxury María doesn’t have. For María, and people like her, there was no clean water on World Water Day. 

María is a 42-year old mother living in El Mirador, Mexico. María and her 5 children, niece, and nephew, struggle every day to find water to use for cooking, cleaning, and drinking. But even when they find the water, it is often contaminated with parasites that will make María and her family sick.  


The Face Of The World Water Crisis

World Water day is about people like María. Families like María’s are the face of the world water crisis. They are families, often of meager means, trying to survive without clean water. For people like María, water is life. Every day she is forced to use this dirty water for everything even though she knows it is not safe. Cooking, cleaning, and bathing all require water. And with every drink, every dish, or every drop she is exposed to dangerous bacteria. 

Imagine if your tap water was making you and your children sick with every sip. Imagine there is no tap at all. Just a long exhausting trek to get dirty water from the earth. Making matters worse, there is no hope of breaking from this cycle and no protection from the bacteria in the water you are forced to drink. 

But YOU can help! This World Water Day, partner with Operation Blessing to affect change. Reach communities like María’s with clean water solutions that will change their lives. You can provide families with accessible clean drinking water. Imagine installing state of the art clean water systems that offer clean water only steps away. You can help others experience the joy of having clean water on World Water Day. To learn how you can get involved, visit


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