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 Streams of Mercy Never Ceasing

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

HONDURAS - Single mother Rebeca was exhausted from thirst. She and her daughter woke up each day to the heartbreaking reality of no safe water–and desperately in need of a clean water source. She never believed this would change, until you changed everything.   


A native of San Juan, Honduras, Rebeca and her neighbors have worked this land for generations, making it their home and raising families there. But for over a decade, they’ve struggled to access one of life’s most important natural resources: clean water.  

Rebeca spent part of every single day searching for water. Her four-year-old daughter, Brithany, often joined her, trekking the woods, mountainside, and dirt paths for hours. To Rebeca’s dismay, they only ever found streams contaminated with dirt, bugs, and animal waste. Rebeca and Brithany regularly saw their elderly neighbors traveling the treacherous paths, as well.


No one was free from this necessary chore.   

Rebeca recalls the night she awoke to Brithany vomiting. The child also had a fever and severe stomach pains. Rebeca could only provide her with natural herbs and home remedies. Seeing her daughter in pain filled Rebecca with anxiety. She knew in her heart that Brithany’s illness was a result of dirty water.   


A Clean Water Source In Honduras

When Operation Blessing learned of San Juan’s water crisis, we took action. In partnership with villagers and the local municipality, and thanks to your generous support, we built a water system in the heart of San Juan. Our Honduras team identified a water source in the highest part of the mountain near their village. With the assistance of local villagers, they constructed a double filtration system and installed a 15,000-gallon tank. The water is filtered, chlorinated, and distributed through a network of pipes.  

“Now the water is reaching each house, and all the people are happy,” said Saul, a local villager about their new clean water source.  

Thank you for your kindness! Compassion like yours has transformed the community of San Juan through this water system. Rebeca no longer spends hours to find water and Brithany no longer falls ill from waterborne illness. Your mercy will bless these villagers for many seasons to come.   


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