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Was Blind, But Now I See

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

CHINAYaya was a bright child born into a dark world. Doctors diagnosed her with leukoma corneal, a genetic disease inherited from her father that leaves a white plaque over her eyes, and Yaya couldn’t see much of the world around her. At 16-years-old, she’d been struggling with this disease her entire life and was in need of corneal transplant surgery.


Born in a remote village of the Guizhou Province, Yaya lives with her family in a humble home. Four of the six people living in her home suffer from this same eye disease. Her father’s meager income is just enough to feed the family. The burden of caring for so many disabled children is heavy for him to carry. They survive mostly by depending on government subsidies.

But Yaya’s father never gave up hope to help her. When she was 10, Yaya’s father used the family’s meager savings so that she could receive grafting on her left eye. The procedure helped her to see a little better, but the burden remained.  Yaya had to cover one eye to be able to read and write; which created challenges for her in school.

She said, “I depend on listening at class because I can’t see the blackboard. It’s very hard to do homework and read books.” As time went on, her right eye was in danger of descending into complete blindness. But all their money was gone, and Yaya’s father was out of options.

Healing for a Young Girl in Need

That is when your love stepped in, just in time! Thanks to the generosity of friends like you, Yaya and her father were connected to Operation Blessing. After a consultation with doctors, Yaya received approval to travel to Beijing where you provided her with a corneal transplant on her right eye. The white spots have now faded, and her eye is healed. Your kindness has provided a new future and hope for Yaya and her family.

“I was so excited the moment the doctor took the gauze away,” Yaya said. “Thank you, Operation Blessing, for giving me back my light! I will do my best to have a better life and take care of my father and my brother.”

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