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You Helped after Hurricane Delta Struck on the Heels of Laura

Field Report by Dina Sleiman

LOUISIANA, USA – Like so many hurricane victims, single mom Chelsea and her son Jaziah have faced far too many tragedies this year. First COVID-19, then Hurricane Laura, and now, just weeks later, they’re dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Delta in Louisiana!

Plus, an injury several years ago forced Chelsea to switch direction with her career. She originally worked an ambulance job, until she got hurt lifting a patient. Now, Chelsea works hard as a janitor to support 3-year-old Jaziah.


First Came Hurricane Laura

Even that work came to a screeching halt when category-4 Hurricane Laura barreled through their area. Chelsea’s home was severely damaged. It has black mold and needs a new roof, and insurance won’t cover the damage. On top of that, Chelsea couldn’t work for two weeks due to the severe destruction to the entire area.

Thankfully, friends like you have been sending food, water, disaster relief kits, and recovery assistance to hurricane victims in Louisiana. Chelsea said, “It helped me out a lot. I couldn’t go to work…so we relied on the stuff from here.”


Then Came Delta in Louisiana

Then, before Chelsea could even get her home fixed, category-2 Hurricane Delta slammed into the area as well! But your love and assistance is there for them once again.

The Operation Blessing disaster relief team sheltered from the storm nearby in Texas and Alabama. After the storm they were back on the scene right away. Thanks to you, trucks full of relief supplies pulled into Chelsea’s childhood church, Green Oak Baptist, when they were needed most.

The support you’ve sent means a lot to Chelsea and so many like her. She and Jaziah loaded up on food and other much needed items at the distribution that Sunday. She said, “Everyone who donated is a true blessing. We’re a small community so we go unnoticed. We deeply appreciate all of it.”

When disaster strikes—even twice in a row—you’re there to help! Thanks to your support, Operation Blessing will stay in the area, assisting beleaguered homeowners, for as long as they need our help. Please consider sending a special gift for disaster victims today.

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