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The Desperate Need for Safe Water

Field Report by David Burbach

HONDURAS – Every day, 7-year-old Maylee dutifully embarks on the arduous trek to retrieve water for her family. Sometimes her mother goes with her, other times young Maylee has to go by herself. “The worst days were when my mom could not go with me, and I had to go alone,” Maylee said. “I was scared, but I had to go because we needed water.”

Maylee with friends in her village.

Maylee lives in the small community of Aldea Nueva in Honduras. The people here are mostly poor, many subsisting by growing crops, like corn and beans, or working on coffee farms. With parents working hard to scrape together enough income to live, chores like retrieving water often fall to children like Maylee.

Maylee fetching unsafe water.

Maylee’s daily journey took her to a mountain stream with steep banks. She would struggle to climb back up to the trail carrying the heavy containers of water. Frequent rain made the task even more treacherous. “When it rained, it was harder to bring clean water [back home] because the stream became chocolate colored and filled with mud.” The rain only emphasized the fact that the water was not clean to begin with and not safe to drink.

A water tank installed by Operation Blessing in Maylee's village.

Everything changed for Maylee and the families of Aldea Nueva when Operation Blessing arrived. Thanks compassionate Operation Blessing partners, we were able to provide a brand new water system for the entire village. A 10,000-gallon water tank was constructed and almost two miles of pipes were laid down by local volunteers to supply each and every home in Aldea Nueva with water, including Maylee’s.

Maylee pouring safe, clean water right in her back yard.

Now, Maylee has a water faucet right in her backyard, and she no longer has to make a dangerous daily trip to the muddy stream. Not only that, the drinking water itself is also much safer.

“The water we have now is better than what we drank before,” Maylee said. “I want to thank Operation Blessing partners for the project and tell them that I love them very much!”

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