Luong during his treatments. He was born during the Tet celebration.

Time of Celebration Dampened by Diagnosis

Luong during his treatments. He was born during the Tet celebration.

VIETNAM – At up to seven days of festivities, Tet—or the Lunar New Year—is the longest celebration in Vietnam. But it became a time of heartbreak for new mother Le Thi.

On the fourth day of the festival, Le Thi gave birth to her baby boy, Luong, but immediately noticed something was wrong. His left foot was turned up and in. Le Thi sought every health worker in the hospital asking for help, but they were short-staffed for the holiday and none could identify what was wrong with her baby.

Luong's clubfoot that nobody at the hospital could diagnose.

Finally, a midwife recommended Luong visit Tu Du Obstetric Hospital for a diagnosis. There, she met Operation Blessing’s partner, MiracleFeet, and found out her baby boy had clubfoot.

As she walked into the waiting room, she saw other parents holding babies with the same condition. She began connecting with those who were going through the same process and found a sense of community through the journey.

It brought her comfort, and she was even happier when she learned baby Luong’s condition was correctable and it would be free to her family. Treatment began immediately, and though Le Thi was nervous, she clung to the belief that her baby boy would get better.

Luong after several rounds of casting.

After five rounds of casting, little Luong moved into bracing and his parents were thrilled at the difference in his foot.

“My husband and I are very happy,” she said. “At present, he is wearing his first pair of shoes!”

Now, instead of worrying about her son’s future, Le Thi looks forward to watching him take his first steps.

“Thank you to the doctors who treated my son and helped my family,” she said.


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