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Distributing Critical Food Supplies to Victims of Hurricane Laura

Field Report by Operation Blessing

LAKE CHARLES, La. – Operation Blessing is on the ground in Louisiana distributing critical food supplies to victims of Hurricane Laura. OB staff partnered with Christian World, a local church in Lake Charles, to feed hundreds of families. Volunteers handed out bags of groceries, cleaning supplies, and even hot meals to desperate victims. Because Hurricane Laura destroyed both the power and water supplies in Lake Charles, victims are desperate for food and water. Thankfully, our generous partners provided these critical supplies for the survivors of Hurricane Laura. Pastor Jerry Snider was so grateful for the supplies OB gave to his community. “My life has been changed in the past few days by the generosity of God’s people all around the world,” said Snider. “I feel like I have family with Operation Blessing.”

Thank you for your heart for the victims of Hurricane Laura. Because of your generosity, Operation Blessing is still on the ground bringing relief to those who need it most. Click here to show your support for disaster victims. OB still needs volunteers, so please click here if you are interested in volunteering. Thank you and God Bless.

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