Donor Connects to OB Israel’s Blind Ministry

Karen has been a generous donor to Operation Blessings for a few years. Karen is blind and has been her whole life. In addition to several post-graduate degrees and a triple career, Karen has a heart to serve others. She lives in Norfolk, Virginia, close to Operation Blessing headquarters.

Karen first heard about Operation Blessing in recent years, giving faithfully to disaster relief and other contributions. Then she began to inquire about ministry for the blind. She learned of the Arab Blind Association, an Operation Blessing partner located in the heart of Jerusalem. She began to share her generosity with the ministry, even taking a trip to Jerusalem herself to meet the beneficiaries!

Thanks to kind donors like Karen, we can continue to bless men, women, and children all over the world. To learn how you can be a blessing in the lives of those in desperate need, visit


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