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Ebola Prevention & Aid

Operation Blessing International has been working in Liberia since 2006 and is currently on the ground fighting Ebola on the front lines—using chlorine generators to produce a powerful disinfectant for hand washing and cleaning surfaces and aiding vulnerable children orphaned by Ebola. OBI is manufacturing hundreds of gallons of the much-needed and in high-demand liquid chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) every day. This concentrated solution when mixed with water creates more than 4,000 gallons of hand washing solution daily. The chlorine is being delivered on rotation to Ebola treatment units and clinics in Liberia, and it’s being distributed in rural communities as an effective front line security barrier against Ebola. OBI’s Ebola Prevention Teams are also delivering food supplies to families under quarantine and providing protective gear, including masks and gloves, to medical personnel. Trained volunteer teams are also going door to door, educating families about the virus and how to effectively prevent its spread. Operation Blessing’s Ebola orphan program now helps many of the children who were orphaned during the height of the Ebola crisis. Through the program, more than 150 orphans receive the precious gifts of food, clothing and scholarships to give them hope for a brighter future.



Stopping the Spread of Ebola in West Africa


There are many ways we provide relief and prevent Ebola in Liberia, such as:

  • Manufacturing and distributing chlorine to treatment centers, clinics and rural communities to combat the spread of Ebola.
  • Our Ebola Prevention Teams going door to door to inform at-risk families about the dangers of Ebola and teach them how to avoid spreading the virus.
  • Providing hand washing stations to families so they may disinfect their hands to help prevent the spread of Ebola.
  • Distributing medical equipment, antibiotics and protective gear to medical personnel in direct contact with Ebola patients.
  • Tasking our Ebola Prevention Teams with delivering food and supplies to help families under quarantine.
  • Aiding children orphaned during the height of the Ebola crisis with food, clothing and scholarships.

Join Operation Blessing and help us prevent Ebola’s spread. Find out how you can get involved and bring hope to the hurting today!



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  • Operation Blessing Chlorine Production
    Chlorine kills the Ebola virus on contact and is one of the few ways to help contain it. Government officials told us that chlorine is their greatest need and that they are running out of the chlorine required to disinfect contaminated areas and for hand washing stations. Operation Blessing has flown several chlorine generators into Liberia and conducted training sessions in the operation of the equipment. Our equipment is working 24/7, producing hundreds of gallons of Ebola-killing chlorine a day.
  • How Our Prevention Teams Are Making a Difference
    OBI’s volunteer Ebola Prevention Teams are working around the clock to produce hundreds of gallons of liquid chlorine every day. Team members are also going door to door, educating communities about the virus and explaining how they can help prevent the spread of Ebola, while also distributing hand washing stations with the chlorine solution to families.
  • Critical Supplies for Medical Personnel
    With help from our donors, Operation Blessing began providing desperately-needed protective gear to hospitals and clinics in the early days of the epidemic—including masks, gloves and protective suits as well as much-needed linens, hypodermic needles, antibiotics and more.
  • Hand Washing Stations Prevent the Spread of Ebola
    In the wake of the epidemic, Liberians are no longer even shaking hands, as Ebola can spread through bodily fluids like sweat. Operation Blessing teams are distributing special hand washing buckets and chlorine solution to families in the capital of Monrovia and surrounding communities. These hand washing stations each provide a family of up to 10 with the supplies they need to effectively disinfect their hands for several days.
  • Food for Quarantined Families
    As our volunteer Ebola Prevention Teams go door to door talking to families about stopping the spread of the virus, they also came across families unable to leave their homes for 21 days of quarantine after losing a loved one to Ebola. Ebola Prevention Teams have been delivering enough food and supplies to see these families through the entire quarantine period—safely leaving the supplies on the steps of the quarantined homes.

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