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Reaching Out to Elderly Hurricane Laura Victims

Field Report by Justin Jenkins

LAKE CHARLES, La. – Today Operation Blessing moved into one of the hardest hit areas in Lake Charles—the downtown area—in our quest to serve Hurricane Laura victims.

Something as simple as driving down the street has become very difficult. Hurricane Laura’s wrath is evident everywhere. Attempting to navigate the maze of downed power lines, mangled in the street, makes it almost impossible to reach your destination. Often you have to drive underneath frayed lines dangling ominously overhead, barely missing them.


If the power lines aren’t bad enough, there’s the shattered trees to deal with. Huge trees with massive trunks block the roadways making them impassable. But we were determined to get to our destination. We had a job to do.

Elderly Hurricane Laura Victims in Desperate Need

 We had heard about some elderly people who desperately needed our help. A senior citizen community sits deep in the downtown area, right in the thick of the hardest to reach zone. In that community 6 people remain, still trying to survive. Everyone else in the building left.


One of the women, Stacie, is a caregiver. She evacuated before the storm but came back to look after the apartment. “To see it and live through it, I just wasn’t prepared,” Stacie said. They have no power and no drinkable water. The rooms they live in seem pitch black. They don’t even have flashlights.

 So Operation Blessing brought in clean water, flashlights, and nonperishable food to help sustain them through the coming days. As they checked out their new flashlights, you could just see their spirits lift up, and the life come back into their eyes.

Operation Blessing Is There after Hurricane Laura

“We’re looking for help, and who’s gonna be there?” Stacie had wondered. “Well, Operation Blessing is there. You brought water, food, and a warm smile.”


Not only did we bring nourishment for their bodies, we took the time to listen to Stacie and her friends, to pray with them, and to show them the love of Christ. “Love your neighbor as yourself,” Stacie said. “You’re an example of that. I’d like to thank all the donors, volunteers, locally as well as abroad, from the least to the greatest. Thank you for the food and the prayers.”      

Please continue praying for Hurricane Laura Victims. You can give a special donation to help disaster victims today. Or volunteer to help the people of Louisiana here.

*Field Report by Justin Jenkins

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