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You Sent New Opportunity to a Mother in Pakistan

Field Report by Dina Sleiman

PAKISTAN – Safina’s life in Pakistan hasn’t been easy, but you are empowering mothers like Safina to change their lives. Not long ago, her husband didn’t earn enough as a janitor to fully support their family of four, so they lived with her in-laws. And sadly, Safina’s living situation was filled with strife, disrespect and even abuse.

When her husband’s sister moved back into the family home after a failed marriage, the strife and abuse grew even worse. In order to protect her children, Safina took her boys and moved back into her parents’ home.

Empowering Mothers Like Safina To Provide For Their Families

Safina’s greatest wish was to learn to be independent and earn a living to provide for herself and her sons. Likewise, that’s when she discovered an Operation Blessing-supported program in her area. Out of the kindness of your heart, you provide vital skills training to struggling women like Safina in Pakistan who need a way to better support themselves and their families. In this program mothers are empowered to provide for their families through a number of vocational opportunities. Accordingly, they can study sewing, cosmetology, computer literacy, and more.

Safina Is Now A Seamstress

Thanks to you, Safina is now learning to be a seamstress

Notably, her teachers report that she’s enthusiastic and motivated. Whatever the future holds, Safina feels confident that she’ll earn more respect and be better able to care for her family thanks to this tremendous gift. 

Safina offers you her love and gratitude, and she says, “Thank you for supporting struggling mothers like me!” 

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