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Unmasking Freedom

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

MEXICO – Francisca has always worked with her hands. At the age of 11 she began sewing, making anything she could dream up—clothing and handicrafts. Little did she know that one day she would be sewing face masks in Mexico to meet the demands of a future pandemic.

In her thirties, Francisca turned her passion into a living. She spent her days as a seamstress in Chihuahua, Mexico, using the money she earned to support her three children.

Last year, her now grown daughter, Mayra, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy while going to nursing school in Chihuahua. Francisca agreed to care for her new grandchild while Mayra continued her education.

“I may be unable to help people financially,” Mayra said, “but I certainly can help by alleviating people from pain.”

Unfortunately, when COVID-19 hit Mexico, Francisca lost her job. She could no longer make dresses, napkins, or tablecloths because she could no longer access materials. She could no longer pay for Mayra’s schooling and affording day to day expenses became very tight.

face mask business in mexico

A New Microenterprise Sewing Facing Masks

But thanks to YOU, Operation Blessing Mexico brought the “Covering Mexico Together” project to Francisca’s community. You provided materials for seamstresses like Francisca to sew face masks in Mexico, helping them earn a living wage during the COVID-19 crisis through a microenterprise that allows her to utilize her skillset!

“This project came exactly when I needed it, because I had nothing,” Francisca said.

Francisca can now continue to work from home and care for her grandson as she supports Mayra’s education. Thank you for empowering women in the Chihuahua community!

unemployed in mexico

“When I make a face mask, I get excited by the thought of a stranger wearing it and being protected by it,” Francisca said. “Thank you to everyone who made this possible! You helped me and my family and everyone who will be protected from the virus.”

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