Uziel sits on the rubble from when the ground quaked in Mexico.

Faith Held Firm as Ground Quaked

Uziel sits on the rubble from when the ground quaked  in Mexico.

MEXICO – The ground quaked beneath Uziel’s school, but it was not the first time his world had been shaken. At 8 years old, Uziel was about to live through a massive earthquake in Cuautla, Mexico, but he was already a survivor after facing cancer at just 1 year old.

So, when the top floor of his school started to shake, Uziel’s thoughts turned to his family.

The remnants of Uziels’ home.

“I thought of my dad and that if he was working he could be buried,” Uziel said. “I also thought of my mom.”

Uziel’s father, Francisco, works for a daily wage outside of the city, so if he doesn’t work one day, his family will struggle. When the earthquake struck, they lost their only source of income. They also lost their home.

“When I saw that my house had collapsed, it made me very sad,” Uziel said. “It made me cry.”

An OB Mexico team member presents Uziel with a solar lantern.

For several nights, the family slept on the ground in the open because they had nowhere else to go. Uziel was terrified there would be another earthquake as they lay there, exposed to the elements.

One night, they looked at the little money they had left. Uziel’s father wanted to buy medicine for his wife, Felicita, but she insisted they spend the money on dinner for their son while they went hungry.

Uziel’s mother wept, worried for their future, but her son would hug her, saying, “Mom, God will send His angels.”

Uziel hugs his mother in front of their new home.

“I doubted and said, ‘What angels are coming?’’ Felicita recalled. But then help finally came. Thanks to the support of faithful partners, Operation Blessing arrived with critical relief.

Solar lanterns, medical aid, mobile kitchens, shelter, and more blessed earthquake victims like Uziel’s family in Mexico. Uziel’s family was thankful for the relief—but they were even more excited when they found out OB Mexico was rebuilding their house!

Uziel’s new home.

Uziel and his family are thankful for the help of Operation Blessing supporters in their time of need.


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