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You Are Blessing Families In The Peruvian Amazon

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

PERU — Meet Celina, a hardworking and humble mother of five young children. Though living in a poor community of the Amazon, she tries to provide a happy home. But health concerns kept plaguing her precious children, threatening the happy life Celina strives to provide.

Celina and Juan Gabriel, the children’s father, work hard selling fish in the local market. Living in the floating slum of Belen, many families like Celina’s struggle with extreme poverty and hardships. There is little access to clean water and electricity for the near 64,000 residents. Located near the Amazon water basin, the streets of Belen flood during the rainy season, exposing locals to environmental contaminations and diseases.

Celina's boys swim in contaminated flood waters.

No exception to these struggles, Celina and her children had developed respiratory issues. While two of her kids also suffered from anemia. As she noticed symptoms in her children, Celina thought she had nowhere to turn, because the Belen community doesn’t have easy access to medical clinics.

But thanks to YOU, Celina found hope.

Operation Blessing Friends Provide Medical Care

Celina and her children at the free OB medical clinic in the Amazon.

“One day, [a neighbor] told me they were going to have a medical clinic at the San Jose school. So, I went there because my children were feeling weak. They were pale and coughing,” Celina said. As it turned out, Operation Blessing holds regular medical brigades in the low-income area for residents. Because of your support, Celina’s miracle showed up at just the right time!

A young boy in Peru gets a free health exam.

Working diligently for the people of Peruvian Amazon, Operation Blessing community health volunteers and staff provide medical attention, treatment, and medicines – free of charge.

All of Celina’s children were checked and treated by OB Peru’s medical team. They all received medicine for bronchitis. And two of her sons received medication for anemia. OB Peru staff also provided antiparasite pills for the whole family, as they continue to live surrounded by high levels of contaminated water.

Hygiene training for Celina and her children.

Celina returned home with a full supply of medicine to nurse her children back to health, as well as heart full of gratitude for the medical brigade made possible by you. But Operation Blessing wanted to leave this family with more than just medicine. They also gave Celina and the kids an educational talk on proper hygiene habits, such as handwashing to prevent disease and infections.

“I’m thankful for Operation Blessing who has helped me with medicines to cure my children,” Celina said.

One of Celina's daughters stands by the window overlooking the flooded Amazon.

Celina’s children now live happy and healthy lives without respiratory problems and with restored hemoglobin levels. As they laugh, play, and grow in Peru, your kindness has made all this difference!

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