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Transforming Lives Through Farms in Kenya

Field Report by Operation Blessing

LOITOKTOK, Kenya – Your generosity is transforming lives in Kenya. In Kenya, OB staff have designed a farming program which gives a plot of land to families in desperate need of a livelihood. Monicah is one individual benefitting from this farming program. During the time of COVID-19, this plot of farmland is vital for Monicah’s survival.

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting more than just major metropolitan areas. Its reach extends to the ends of the earth, even into the Kenyan wilderness. Monicah lived by herself before COVID-19 hit. But after the virus caused many to lose their jobs worldwide, Monicah’s life changed drastically. After being laid off from her job in Loitoktok, Monicah’s daughter and 6 children moved in with her. Suddenly, Monicah found herself as the sole provider for 7 extra people. “The way that COVID has disrupted my life, I am now the father and mother here,” Monicah expressed to OB staff, “So getting food and all our needs has become very hard because I am poor.”

Kenya Farming Program

Thankfully, Operation Blessing’s partners have provided an answer to Monicah’s worries. Operation Blessing gave Monicah a half-acre of land to farm on our 50-acre plot. We provide the seeds, tools, and support needed to grow abundant produce from this plot. Every year, Monicah grows the food she needs to support herself from her Kenya farm. This year, the crops were particularly bountiful, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Thanks to this land, Monicah has what she needs to support her family during this crisis. Monicah’s daughter thanked Operation Blessing, saying, “To tell you the truth, if it were not for the Operation Blessing land that was given to my mother, I don’t know how we would have been able to feed the children.”

All of this is possible thanks to your incredible support. Thank you for your heart to feed the hungry in times of need. To learn more about our hunger relief programs, click here. Your generosity during the time of COVID-19 has touched thousands of lives. Thank you!

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