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Fighting Hunger Worldwide – Something to Be Thankful For

Field Report by Dina Sleiman

WORLDWIDE – As many Americans sit down to hearty spreads on Thanksgiving Day, you can feel free to enjoy your blessings with the confidence that your gifts to Operation Blessing are helping to fight hunger worldwide. That’s something to be truly thankful for!

Single mother Olivia from Alabama, pictured above, struggled for many years working long hours and fighting diabetes, but Operation Blessing and partner, Loaves and Fishes, made sure her family had plenty of healthy food to eat.

Children at the Padre Cocha preschool in Peru are growing up happy and healthy thanks to an OBI nutrition program.

In Latin America, school children receive nutritious meals and vital supplements thanks to your gifts to OBI. These cuties from the Padre Cocha preschool in Peru are growing up happy, healthy, and strong.

Single mother Ermelinda is part of a poultry project in Latin America that helps keep her family fed.

We also support hunger relief in Latin America, and throughout the world, with poultry and agricultural programs. Ermelinda, single mother of four, is just one of our many beneficiaries.

This woman and child received food during a famine in East Africa.

East Africa has been hit hard by hunger this year, with a famine ravaging South Sudan and Kenya. But OBI has been on the scene providing much needed supplies, and especially focusing on distributing food to children, single mothers, and the elderly. OBI also supports this area through ongoing hunger relief programs.

Children rescued from child labor in Nepal enjoy a healthy meal.

In Nepal, OBI not only helps feed, but also house and educate, children that might otherwise be trapped in difficult and dangerous child labor situations. In addition, we offer many microenterprise and training programs to help parents better provide food and other resources for their children.

An Operation Blessing program delivers bread to the hungry in the Old City of Jerusalem.

In the Old City of Jerusalem, OBI is helping to feed the hungry through a bread baking and distribution program. We are also providing hunger relief to Bedouin tribes and refugees throughout the Middle East.

Two girls hold food provided by OBI’s hunger strike force to feed Americans in need.

Meanwhile, back in America, our Hunger Strike Force semi-trucks have delivered literally tons of food to those in need, including the sick and elderly, single parents, and families facing unemployment. This year, we also deployed in the aftermath of several natural disasters including hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

So enjoy your Thanksgiving meal, and please continue to pray for and support our efforts to feed the hungry around the world!

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