Fighting a killer virus

Ebola virus relief in Liberia

LIBERIA – As the Ebola death toll climbs to over 1,900, families in West Africa are desperate to stop this deadly disease from spreading, and simple precautions, like frequent hand-washing, may be the difference between life and death.

To fight the spread of the Ebola virus, the Liberian government has forbidden people from shaking hands and has set up chlorinated hand-washing stations at intersections and outside public buildings—but chlorine supplies are running out.

Supplies to fight Ebola virus in West Africa

Operation Blessing is sending chlorine generators to aid Liberia’s fight against Ebola. The generators are each capable of manufacturing more than a hundred gallons of chlorine a day and can be run 24/7 until the crisis has passed.

Operation Blessing has also provided medicine, protective gear and other crucial supplies to hospitals and treatment centers running low on essential items, and prevention teams are educating families about the dangers of Ebola and promoting effective hygiene practices in at-risk communities.


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