Baby Yasmin’s feet before treatment began and long before she took her first steps.

First Steps After Clubfoot

Belen holds little Yazmin with a smile on her face. One day, this little baby will take her first steps on corrected feet!

ECUADOR – The stigma of clubfoot often ostracizes families and causes a strain on the mothers of children born with the condition—but things were different for baby Yazmin. As soon as she was born, the doctors assured her mother, Belen, that her clubfoot was treatable.

Baby Yasmin’s feet before treatment began and long before she took her first steps.

Belen embraced her baby girl, as did her entire family. When Yazmin was only 7 days old she began her treatment at the same hospital where she was born. Operation Blessing and partner, MiracleFeet, made it all possible at no charge to Yazmin’s family.

A doctor demonstrates the bracing device to Belen.

Yazmin had tremendous support from her family. Her grandmother even made the trip to join her mother for Yazmin’s two-month checkup when she transitioned from casts to a MiracleFeet brace. Together, her mother and grandmother learned how to use the brace so they could both help baby Yazmin as she grew.

Yazmin with her doctor.

Belen is elated with the care her daughter received, and how quickly! Thanks to fast intervention, the whole family is eagerly awaiting little Yazmin’s first steps.


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