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When It Rains, You Pour Out Blessings

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

MEXICO — When the sound of a storm wakes Adali in the night, she usually doesn’t think twice. Heavy rains are common in her area of Sinaloa, Mexico. But last November, the sound of thunder startled Adali from her sleep. She stepped out of her bed, only to feel her feet sitting in water that had crept into her home. Despite her best efforts to divert the path of the flood runoff, she was standing in floodwaters up to her knees just hours later.

flood in Mexico

Floods In Mexico Devastate Crops And Homes

Enduring a devastating flood in Mexico once is too many times. But Adali had been there before. Just over a year earlier, a flood swept through her town, destroying the majority of the fields used for crops. As an agricultural worker, Adali had lost her job.

To make ends meet as a single mother of her 10-year old daughter, Adali began to make and sell traditional Mexican candy from her home. But this recent flood destroyed her kitchen, once again robbing Adali of a steady income.

mexico flood relief

Overcoming A Flood Of Problems With Torrents Of Blessings

Yet her spirit was not crushed. She travelled from house to house, asking her neighbors how they needed help. Adali reached out and contacted Operation Blessing, sharing the story of her town’s struggle with the flood and ideas on how we could assist. Thanks to generous partners like you and Adali’s vibrant sense of community, hundreds of men, women, and children in Sinaloa were blessed with clean water, food, hygiene items, and supplies to clean their homes after the flood in Mexico.

Operation Blessing was so inspired by Adali’s servant heart that we provided her with a new stove, along with cookware and supplies for her candy business. And we could not have done it without you!

flood relief in Mexico

Your Kindness Brings A Flood Of Blessing

Thank you for your heart to help disaster victims! When your kindness fills the cups of so many suffering families, generosity overflows to bless entire communities.

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