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Food For Elderly Widow Living in Kenya

Field Report by Operation Blessing

LOITOKTOK, KENYA – Leah is an elderly widow living in Loitoktok. She singlehandedly cares for her 4 grandchildren amidst COVID-19 in Kenya. These 4 precious lives depend on Leah completely for their care. In the past, Leah worked odd jobs to provide for her family. But because of COVID-19 in Kenya, Leah’s jobs have disappeared. Every morning, the elderly widow sets out to find work. But because of the deadly coronavirus, she comes home empty handed. Leah is heartbroken, because she can no longer provide for her family. “I cry every time I have nothing to give to these children who have been left in my care now.” Leah told OB staff through tears. “They completely depend on me to provide their food, yet I am old and weak.” The situation looked hopeless for the family living with COVID-19 in Kenya.

But because of your incredible generosity, Leah’s family received a glimmer of hope while battling extreme food insecurity. Your support put a month’s worth of food directly into the elderly widow’s hands. Leah was overjoyed at receiving the food her family so desperately needed. “I want to thank Operation Blessing so much for the food.” Leah exclaimed. “It means a lot to me, because my grandchildren will have food to eat.” And in addition to the food, Leah’s family also received a hand washing station to fight off COVID-19.

All of this hunger relief is thanks to you and your generous support throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Thank you for your heart to feed the hungry all around the world. Click here to learn more about how you can come alongside Operation Blessing as we put food into the hands of hungry family’s like Leah’s.

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