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Food for Hungry Hurricane Survivors

Field Report by Dina Sleiman

LOUISIANA – Weeks after Hurricane Laura struck Louisiana, residents still find themselves struggling to cope with the devastating aftermath. But thanks to friends like you, Operation Blessing is on the ground providing recovery assistance, clean water, and food for hungry hurricane survivors.

With your help, we’ve been organizing volunteers to clean up debris and tarp houses in Lake Charles. You’ve also sent much needed food and supplies to those attempting to get back to some sense of normalcy.

Craig shares his Hurricane Laura story.

Hurricane Survivor’s Story

Lake Charles resident Craig was scheduled to get married the weekend after the hurricane struck. Instead, he had to evacuate and has been travelling hours a day back and forth to the remnants of his home. Part of his roof was damaged, and debris had actually flown through the walls of his house. He fears the home might be a total loss. As for the town as a whole, he said, “The place looked like a bomb went off.”

Nonetheless, he’s been going back and forth, trying to clean up and save what he can. The disaster situation has put a lot of stress on his finances. He was very grateful to learn that you had made possible a distribution of much needed hot meals, groceries and clean up supplies through our partner on the ground, Christian World Ministries.

Hurricane Laura Relief

Craig said, “You’re doing God’s work. It hurts your heart if you look around at your hometown and it just doesn’t even look like the same place. So the blessings you all are bringing is definitely a god send. We appreciate it so much. Thank you all so very much.”

You Help Hungry Hurricane Survivors

When life is turned upside down, your help makes a huge difference. A hot meal, a smile, a word of encouragement gives these struggling survivors hope in the aftermath of the storm. Please continue to keep the victims of Hurricane Laura in your thoughts and prayers. And we will continue to offer help for as long as we’re needed.

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