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Food For Struggling Business Owners in Costa Rica

Field Report by Operation Blessing

GOLFITO, Costa Rica – In Costa Rica, the COVID-19 crisis has forced many struggling business owners to shut their doors. Alex and his wife, Yorleny, are no exception. Seven years ago, the couple began running a restaurant named “Estero Mar” in the tourist town of Golfito. For years business was booming. Yorleny cooked delicious Costa Rican food, and tourists loved eating in an authentic restaurant. But business soon slowed, and the couple found themselves struggling to stay afloat. And just when they thought it couldn’t get any worse, the COVID-19 pandemic struck Costa Rica. “This was the final blow that struck us down.” Yorleny told OB staff, “And it has been really hard to get back up.”

Forced To Leave Home Due To COVID-19

Suffering the fate of many small business owners, their primary source of income was gone. Sadly, the family was forced to make some tough decisions. Alex told Operation Blessing staff that the family moved out of their own home to live in a tiny hostel. “We are not living on our own land.” he said, “We are living inside of one of those cabins for now, but we’re grateful for it.” But this wasn’t the only tough decision the struggling family made. “As a last resort, we sent my 17-year-old daughter to live with her uncle,” said Alex through tears. The family couldn’t afford to feed her because of the COVID-19 crisis. For Alex and his family, the future seemed hopeless.

Hope And Generosity In The Face Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

But Alex never gave up hope, and your generosity provided for him. Thanks to your generosity, Operation Blessing staff in Costa Rica delivered food to Alex and Yorleny’s family. Your support overwhelmed Alex with gratefulness. “I used to spent time looking outside to see if you were coming, like a child. I said to God, ‘I know they are coming’. And then you came!” the father exclaimed with tears streaming down his face. Your generosity in the face of the COVID-19 crisis has provided food to struggling business owners and families like Alex’s all over the world. Thank you for your incredible support. Click here to learn more about feeding hungry families in Costa Rica and around the world.

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