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An Appetite for Hope

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

HONDURAS – At 10 years old, Olga from Honduras is the oldest of six siblings and a responsible big sister. Her father works as a laborer, spending his days working maintenance jobs for a local landlord. Inspired by her father’s hard work, Olga could often be found selling avocados by the street for profit. 

But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit Honduras, Olga’s life suddenly changed. Her father received heartbreaking news from his employer: he would have to be let go.

“My dad came home in the afternoon that day and told us he had lost his job,” Olga explained. “His employer was not going to be able to give him any more work.”

Food Relief Honduras

Olga’s family was faced with a new reality. The loss of a regular income and the extreme scarcity of jobs during the pandemic had grave repercussions on her family’s finances. Buying food became harder with each passing day and, eventually, their resources ran out. They woke up one day to a startling realization. 

“That day we were very hungry but had nothing to eat. My sisters were crying because they were hungry,” Olga said.

Olga’s father had been keeping their burden quiet, ashamed to ask for help. But soon the hunger overcame the shame, and Olga’s father pleaded with their neighbors for something to feed his children. 

“They gave us food but it did not last long,” Olga said.

Their means to scrape by were running out. Olga’s family began to lose hope.

hunger relief honduras

Food Relief In Honduras

But a local pastor learned of Olga’s family’s condition. In fact, many other families were struggling with the same burden of finding food during that time. The pastor had heard of Operation Blessing and the food relief they offered communities like Olga’s who were having difficulty making ends meet. The pastor contacted Operation Blessing and asked if we could offer any assistance to his community.

Thanks to YOU, Operation Blessing responded quickly and abundantly! Operation Blessing Honduras arrived at Olga’s community with resources to bless families. Bags of food and other precious supplies were distributed to these suffering men, women, and children. Hope abounded through the gift of life-saving food relief to families who had been hungry for weeks. 

“I prayed and asked God to help us,” Olga said. “Thank you, Operation Blessing, for bringing us food!”

Thank you for your heart to see Olga and her community fed and cared for in their darkest hour!

Honduras Hunger Solutions

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