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You Provided Freedom from Hunger

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

TEXASSingle mother Roxana strives every single day to care for her family 5-year-old Caeser, 10-year-old Irene, and 22-year-old José, who has autism. While he is high-functioning, José still needs help from Roxana with some aspects of his life. But Roxana wouldn’t change anything about her family. Even when their situation threatened their freedom from hunger.

“My family means everything to me,” she said.

So, when COVID-19 hit the United States and Roxana lost her job in the hotel industry, she began to worry about caring for her family.

“The pandemic started, and I had no job. I didn’t have any money to pay my bills and I couldn’t afford any food,” Roxana explained.

Living in a single-income home created an especially challenging situation for Roxana. She began to fall behind on paying expenses, and feeding the family she so deeply cares for became an everyday battle.

“It feels like you just have nowhere else to run,” she said.

But thankfully, Roxana heard about Operation Blessing Food-to-Freedom partner, Services of Hope. Caring for the Dallas, Texas, area, the ministry has been faithfully feeding vulnerable families struggling throughout seasons of hunger and the COVID-19 pandemic. Operation Blessing partners with Services of Hope, providing food supplies like XYZ. Thanks in part to generous friends like you, Roxana was blessed with an abundance of food from Services of Hope for herself and her children during these trying times.

“My kids were happy because we finally had something on the table,” Roxana explained. “They’re always excited to open those bags and see what’s in there. Financially, it’s been great because I get to pay my utilities, my water bill, and my electric. And that helps me with my budget. It’s just a big blessing!”

Your support led Roxana through some rough times, providing stability and freedom from hunger as she got back on her feet. Roxana now has a job in real estate, working remotely. And she is once again able to provide for her family. Thank you for your heart to see families like Roxana’s blessed through seasons of hardship.

“I would like to say thank you for supporting Operation Blessing,” Roxana said. “You know, when you put food on the table, it matters, and it counts. I am very thankful. It’s the best blessing that we can have!”

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