Susan and her family have full stomachs and grateful hearts thanks to Operation Blessing supporters.

Full Stomachs, Grateful Hearts

Susan and her family have full stomachs and grateful hearts thanks to Operation Blessing supporters.

UNITED STATES — Life often takes bitter turns when they’re most inconvenient. Five-year-old Susan and her family in Michigan know this all too well. But they’re grateful, because you sent them help when they needed it most.

Susan’s parents, Katie and Matthew, have stayed financially stable throughout their marriage by both working full-time jobs. Matthew earns a living at a wood preserving plant, while Katie had been working as a production inventory clerk.

Susan with her mom and brother.

That is, until last December.

Just as winter in Michigan reached peak levels of cold and snowfall, Katie’s company laid her off. Devastation began to set in for Katie. As a devoted mother to Lillian, 15, Violet, 6, Susan, 5, and Matthew, 3, she struggled with feelings of hopelessness.

As she had always done, Katie diligently picked herself up to look for a new job, a search that still continued when we met her. Through her search, however, she found the Buist Community Assistance Center. This ministry, located in Michigan, partners with Operation Blessing. They receive a truckload of food every month from OB and are devoted to serving struggling and hungry members of their community.

Susan's little brother holding peanut butter

And you make that possible!

Stumbling on the Buist Community Assistance Center was a miracle for Katie and her family. “It’s been a blessing, big time!” Katie said.

Every month, Katie visits the center with her children to fill her shopping cart with food and hygiene items that last for weeks. It’s been a family affair, as Susan and Matthew love to participate in bringing their favorite foods home.

Susan is grateful for the pickles she holds, her favorites.

Susan is particularly fond of pickles, while Matthew favors peanut butter and oatmeal. Katie has always loved cooking from scratch and your generosity means she can provide meals for her loving family while she continues her search for a job.

Your support means fewer worries for Katie and her husband, as well as a carefree life for four children who should never have to worry about where their next meal will come from. Susan and her family are all so grateful for your help.

And together with them, we say, “Thank you!”


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