It’s a good feeling, knowing that you’ve made a different in the world—that you’ve helped children, families or entire communities in desperate need—that’s the joy of giving a gift that matters. This online giving catalog details a variety of gifts that you can choose from, whether you make the gift for yourself or on behalf of a friend, a loved one, an acquaintance or an associate. Be assured that whichever gift you pick, your heartfelt act of generosity will positively impact the world in a real and lasting way.

Where Needed Most

Where Needed Most is the cornerstone of Operation Blessing’s relief efforts.

Here’s what your gift to Where Needed Most can deliver right now, whether around the corner or around the world:

  • Help for Vulnerable Childrencaught up in war, famine, natural disasters, human trafficking and more—they are often the first to suffer and the hardest hit.
  • Safe Waterto replace sources fouled by disease and pollution.
  • Foodto stave off starvation in famine-stricken regions.
  • Medicine and Healthcarethat rescues children from a life of deformity, disease, and injury.
  • Disaster Reliefincluding food, building supplies, bedding, water and more to help communities ravaged by catastrophe.
  • Community Developmentthat seeds industry and brings jobs to adults so they can earn a living and support their children.


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