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Tornado Victims Sense God’s Hand

Field Report by Justin Jenkins

OHIO, USA – For the 21 years William lived in Dayton, Ohio, tornadoes were just talk. He never had to worry about them. Neither he nor his family had seen or been victims of these storms—and then, the lights went out.

Tornado Strikes Dayton, Ohio

It was around 10:30 at night. He was in the house with his wife and 10-year-old granddaughter, Dawn Marie. William had been through storms before, but this time, something was different. When the lights went out he rushed his wife and granddaughter to the basement, thinking of their safety first. With his family protected, he went to secure his house.

Tornado victim, William, on the porch of his damaged home.

This last effort almost cost him his life. He barely had enough time to make it to the basement before the tornado tore through his back yard. This 62-year-old with bad knees jumped down the stairs with only moments to spare. Finally in the basement, William and his family sat in the corner—huddled together on some old buckets—and waited for the storm to end.

Even though William’s house and yard were damaged, he gave thanks that the Lord saved his family. “I know His hand was on us,” William said as we walked through his backyard surveying the destruction. Debris littered his yard — piles of mangled tree branches everywhere. William’s insurance will cover the house, but he still needed help cleaning up and hauling that heavy debris.

Operation Blessing Volunteers Provide Vital Help

Debris in William's yard after the tornado.

Thankfully, because of your support, Operation Blessing is in Dayton, Ohio to help tornado victims. Our volunteers met with William. They took the time to talk to him, to pray with him, and encourage him in his time of despair.

They also told him we’d be there to help with that yard. He doesn’t need to worry about injuring his bad knees hauling debris—our volunteers would bear that load for him.

Operation Blessing volunteers encouraging William.

“It’s a blessing,” William said. “Sometimes we all need help, and it’s nice to know there’s still people in the world to help.”

Thank you for your help and support that make our disaster relief efforts possible. Please consider giving a special gift to help tornado victims today. Or get involved with our volunteer teams.

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