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Help for a Hardworking Mother in Peru

Field Report by Operation Blessing

PERU – The days stretched long and hard for a hardworking mother in Peru. Eugenia is a young single mother born with a leg malformation and walks with crutches. She still works hard to support her 9-year-old son, Deibis. For more than 15 years, Eugenia and her family had scraped together a living by selling plantain chips and other small items.   

With her mother’s help, every day Eugenia arose early to cut and fry bananas over a dangerous and smoky wood-burning stove. Next they bagged the chips, using the flame of a candle to seal the bags one at a time. In this way, they made up about 150 bags of plantain chips a day.  


  Then Eugenia and her parents would head out to sell their wares, Eugenia struggling with her crutches. “When I go to sell my plantain chips or peanuts, sometimes I would have to stay under the hot sun, the rain—I just had to keep selling,” she told Operation Blessing. In the evening, Eugenia would return home exhausted.   

Kindness For A Hardworking Mother In Peru

Seeing Eugenia’s backbreaking toil, Operation Blessing staff in Peru knew that the kindness of friends like you could bless Eugenia and her family by bolstering their business. Soon, she received a new gas stove, tools to chop and peel bananas, a bag sealer to replace the candles, pots, pans, spatulas, a new sign for the business, and a wheeled cart with an umbrella from which they could sell their wares. These gifts have transformed Eugenia’s business, making it far easier and safer for the family to put food on the table.   


“Thank you very much and blessings,” Eugenia exclaimed. “I never thought I would receive a blessing like the one I have been given.”  

  Operation Blessing’s community of faithful friends is helping hardworking people like Eugenia get the help they need to grow, thrive, and break the chains of generational poverty. A huge thanks to everyone who makes stories like Eugenia’s possible!  


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