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A Harvest of Blessing

Field Report by Lauryn Vickers

EL SALVADOR – Marion is a true family-man. When he was widowed after being married for 20 years, Marion felt devastated. He often found himself overwhelmed with the daily tasks of work while also tending his daughter Darlyn (8) and his son Christofer (3). He had no idea the harvest of blessing that would soon be coming.

Marion’s Struggle to Feed His Kids

Cooking and caring for his children, along with helping them in school, were tasks that his wife had always managed. “The mother plays a fundamental role in the family. And now that she is not here, it is my turn to do everything for the well-being of my children,” he said.

Single father Mario from El Salvador with his children.

Marion devoted much of his life to farming. He resides in an area of El Salvador that is perfectly fertile for planting vegetables. But Mario struggled due to a lack of protection for his crops. Vermin, pests, and disease could easily take hold of his produce, and several times he has lost everything he had sown. This caused stress for Marion, as he feared that he wouldn’t be able to feed his children.

A New Agricultural Opportunity

But thanks to you, Operation Blessing met Marion with hope. Because of his skill in agriculture and the health of his land, OB partners made it possible for a greenhouse to be built where Marion can now plant his crops and anticipate a bountiful harvest. The greenhouse even provided the opportunity for him to plant a wider variety of crops, ensuring financial security for Marion and his children!

Marion with the crops he will soon harvest.

“It’s so nice to go with my kids to see the crops. That motivates me to keep working so they have a better future,” he said.

Marion now has security through his greenhouse. You have sown seeds of hope and he will continue to harvest this blessing! Thank you for providing in his time of need.

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