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Healing for a Young Child and a Mother’s Heart

Field Report by Dina Sleiman

PERU – Four-year-old Candy was suffering. And her mother, Juana, hurt to see her child in pain and discomfort. But you sent healing to this Peruvian family in desperate need.

Candy has always had a bright smile. She loved learning, playing, and helping her mother with chores around the house. In the evenings, she always enjoyed a family dinner with her mother and big sister, and then fell asleep early after her energetic day in their Amazonian village.

Candy suffering from pain lays on her mothers lap in need of healing

But not long ago, everything changed for Candy. “She didn’t want to eat her food, and if she ate, it was little. At night she couldn’t sleep…and she had stomachaches,” said Juana.

Candy kept quiet in school and seemed too tired to play, complete her homework, or help around the house. She had an uncomfortable rash that made her miserable and unable to sleep soundly. She would cry at night, which was hard on the whole family who loved her so much.

Juana took her young daughter to a medical outpost where they diagnosed her with anemia, but Juana wasn’t convinced that was the whole story, and she kept looking for answers for her daughter’s healing.

Candy being examined at the Operation Blessing free medical brigade in Peru.

Then she heard about a free medical brigade Operation Blessing was holding in their small community of Padrecocha thanks to the support of friends like you. She decided to take Candy for another opinion. Candy appeared pale and ill when the OB doctor examined her. The staff realized Candy suffered from a severe case of parasites and urgently needed treatment.

You provided Candy and her mother not only with a correct diagnosis, but also with the medication, vitamins and supplements she would need to grow strong again. Candy’s mother and sister were given preventative medications and training on how to keep from getting parasites in the future as well.

And Operation Blessing worker hands Candy free medicine to restore her health.

Within two weeks, Candy felt great. “Nothing hurts anymore!” she happily said. And her mother shared that “Candy is already eating, doing homework, and playing with her classmates at school.”

Thank you for making such a huge difference in Candy’s life and the lives of so many like her with the gift of medical care!

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  • Cindi Gutiérrez says:

    Doy gracias a Dios por poner ángeles como todo los que forman esta operación, doy gracias por la ayuda que an brindado a muchos lugares en especial a la escuela oficial de párvulos ciudad satélite, la ayuda me a servido de mucha bendición 🙌🙌🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️Dios es fiel y misericordioso 🙌🙌