Silvia can harvest quinoa in Peru thanks to healthcare from Operation Blessing friends.

Healthcare for the Harvest

Silvia can harvest quinoa in Peru thanks to healthcare from Operation Blessing friends.

PERU — Single mother Silvia’s schedule runs nonstop. She wakes up before dawn each day to harvest quinoa, knit wool, and sell milk in the highlands of Peru. Her monthly earnings are just enough to provide food for her family and pay for electricity. But she wants more for her son, Jefferson, having dreams of school and opportunities that she fears she can’t provide if she ever falls ill.

Then one day, Silvia did have an accident that put their future in jeopardy.

Sylvia receiving care for her wound.

While working the harvest, she injured herself with a sickle, causing a wound on her ankle that wouldn’t stop bleeding. But, thanks to healthcare training she’d received from Operation Blessing at the health center of San Jeronimo de Ullagachi, she knew just what to do. Your faithful giving provides for these Community Health Volunteer workshops. And Silvia put her training into action, quickly wrapping the cut and applying pressure to stop the bleeding.

Shortly after, Silvia visited the local health center and received care from an OB nurse. She was given antibiotics and her wound has since healed. None of this could have happened without YOU!

Slvyia's son will reap the benefits from the harvest and his mother's good health.

“I feel very grateful for the help we are receiving at San Jeronimo, and also for the staff taking care of me every day until I was healed,” she said. Silvia continues to learn more in the program’s workshops, devoted to helping her family, as well as the entire community, grow healthy and strong.


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