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You Sent Help After the Storm

Field Report by David Burbach

EL SALVADOR – Sadly, the 2020 hurricane season got off to a fast start as the first named storm, Tropical Storm Amanda, brought torrential rain and flooding across Central America, particularly in El Salvador.  

Across the nation, Amanda’s heavy rains caused flooding and landslides. Some areas received over 30 inches of rain, nearly as much as category 5 Hurricane Dorian dropped on the Bahamas in 2019.  

Damage from Tropical Storm Amanda in El Salvador.

Amanda left many El Salvadorians in shelters, and tragically at least 15 people died. Thousands more suffered damage to their homes. To make matters worse, the storm hit during the height of the coronavirus crisis in El Salvador, putting further strain on government resources and complicating relief efforts.  

Alberto Rodriquez, Director of OB El Salvador, said, “This is during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is making it harder for individuals to go outside to get medicine and food for their families.” 

Relief in the wake of Tropical Storm Amanda in El Salvador

Thankfully, your support made it possible for Operation Blessing to respond during this crisis in El Salvador. Director Rodriguez said, “Operation Blessing is here in the country of El Salvador helping out in areas like food security, water, and sanitation.”  

The village of San Pablo Tacachico was particularly hard hit. The remote community is separated from the surrounding villages by a river spanned by a single bridge. Tropical Storm Amanda caused severe damage to the bridge, isolating San Pablo Tacachico from help. When OB staff arrived with the packages of emergency food supplies that you provided, the damaged bridge stopped our team from delivering food to where it was needed.  

A local villager climbs a broken bridge to help get supplies to his village.

Thankfully, we met a determined local man named Lino. Seeing how important it was to get the supplies across the river, Lino climbed along the outside of the bridge by a rope. He set up a pulley system that carried the bags of food to the other side. Thanks to your generosity, and the courageous actions of Lino, the relief was delivered!  

Thank you for responding to Tropical Storm Amanda, and so many crisis situations around the world!  

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