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Helping Mothers Help Their World

Field Report by Dina Sleiman

KENYA – Meet Mary, a cheerful widowed mother from Kenya. Once upon a time, struggle and hardship overshadowed her life. But now, thanks to you, Mary and so many mothers all around the world have gotten the help they need to support their families and improve their futures.

A Widowed Mother and Her Six Children

When Mary’s husband died years ago, her life took a quick turn for the worse. He’d come from Tanzania to work as a herdsman but didn’t own any land in Kenya. So, when he died, she had to assume the challenge of caring for her six children as a widowed mother. A widowed mother who was now homeless.

They bounced around between friends and relatives for a while, as Mary struggled to provide food and basic necessities for her children. As if life wasn’t hard enough, a severe drought swept across through her area and wiped out the little flock of three cows and eight goats that she had managed to build, leaving Mary devastated.

She worked hard at farming jobs, but too often her children went to bed hungry, and they kept getting sent home from school because she couldn’t pay their fees. 

Helping Mothers Help Their Families

Mary Struggled to Provide for Her Family

Mary said, “I was trying everything I could do to provide for my children. It hurt a lot to see them lacking food, clothes and even school fees. But nothing seemed to work, no matter how much I tried!” She thought she’d run out of hope.

Then she finally moved closer to family near Kimana, Kenya, where you regularly send support. When OB heard about Mary’s situation, thanks to you, we were able to quickly make some huge changes in her life.

Your Support is Helping Mothers Help their Families

You gave her a plot of land on the OB supported farm, along with seeds and tools to begin growing food for her children. Her youngest children enrolled in the OB preschool, where they received a high-quality education and two nutritious meals every day for free! Mary and her children benefitted from the water system you had built in her new area, getting clean, healthy water. In a short time, Mary’s worry and discouragement turned to joy and hope.

“I couldn’t believe it when Operation Blessing came to my help. Life was getting harder for me and my children. Operation Blessing came in just at the right time!” Mary said with a smile.

Today, Mary reaps abundant harvests that allow her to take good care of her family. She can even afford school fees and uniforms for her older children due to this successful microenterprise. She’s also gotten involved with the poultry project you sent to her area. Women work together tending the chickens and in return have eggs for their children, increased incomes, and the support of the group.

helping mothers through our poultry program

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty by Helping Mothers and Their Children

Mary is thankful for these huge improvements in her life. Not only does it help her and her children today, but it is breaking the cycle of poverty for this mother and her family. With good health and solid educations, they have hope for bright futures full of opportunity. And with your support, Mary has modeled how hard work can make a difference in their lives.

You are helping mothers all around the world through agricultural programs, skills training, small business support, and more! Thank you for helping mothers in need and helping them to help their families for generations to come. 

In Mary’s words, “I am so grateful…for all the help you have given me and my family.… May God bless you all for your kindness!”

Help mothers end hunger through farming

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